Our Cost :

MEDIUM                                                                    SIZE                                      PRICE

1.Color Pastel Portrait on Paper————————A4 —————————- Rs 5000

2.Color Pastel Portrait on Paper———————— A3 —————————- Rs 7000

3.Color Pastel Portrait on Paper———————— A2 —————————- Rs 10000

4.Color Acrylic Portrait on Canvas———————-1×1 feet ————– ——– Rs 10000

5.Color Acrylic Portrait on Canvas———————–2×2 feet ————– ——- Rs 15000

6.Color Acrylic Portrait on Canvas———————–3×3 feet ————– ——- Rs 25000

7.Color Acrylic Portrait on Canvas————————4×4 feet ————– ——- Rs 40000

8.Color Acrylic Portrait on Canvas———————–above 4×4 feet —————- Rs50,000 and above

Terms and conditions :

1.None of the price includes framing cost. For FRAMING please discuss with us for your requirement and we will do framing accordingly. The cost varies depends on frame and type of framing and its size.

2.The customer should collect the portrait from the Artist. And if the customer want the painting to be delivered to his/her house , the delivery charges is Rs 500 inside city of Pune and if it is Out side Pune the cost will be in actual plus Rs 500 for packing and handling.

  1. For a better Portrait we need three photographs of the person ; front, side and 3/4th angle . If the customer provide three pictures from three different angles the accuracy will be 90-95% and sometimes may be 99%. If the customer can not provide three photographs from three above mentioned angles then the accuracy percentage will be not as same as it could.
  2. The photographs provided by the customers for portrait should be good in clarity and resolution for better result. If the photograph is not of good resolution and the basic feature and characteristics of the person is not visible , the portrait will not have of higher accuracy. So we request you to provide us the best resolution and most clear picture of the person. In case of a bad quality photograph the customer should not expect the artists to deliver 100% accuracy. The accuracy will be according to the clarity of the picture given to artist.
  3. Both the parties; artist and the client are advised to respect each other’s value of time and effort. Therefore no one should delay in maximum 15 days of deadline in payment as well as delivery of art work. The client has to pay the money to the artist within deadline as mutually agreed. In case of unwanted situation the payment should not exceed fifteen (15) days of the deadline. If the client does not pay 15 days after deadline then there will be a fine of Rs 500 for late payment and the cost of the portrait will be Rs 500 more than the original cost. If the artist does not deliver in Time because of unwanted circumstances the Artist will inform the client and should deliver the art work within 15 days of the deadline, if she cannot then will give Rs 500 deducted from the total amount of the portrait. The client has to give clear picture for portrait and the artist will not do more than one correction. If the Client want correction more than once then 25% of cost will be added to the total cost of the portrait.