Born in 1989 at Pune, Tejashree was always inclined towards drawing and Painting since the age of four. Once she came across painting done by her cousin great grandfather who was a great portrait artist from Gujarat, Baroda . That painting put a lot of impact on her and she got inspired a lot from his paintings and started taking art seriously . The painting had so much impact on her that she decided to become like him and wanted to famous as an artist. Like any other parents have some dreams for their child’s career, Tejashree’s parents wanted her to be an Engineer and to be focused in academics. So after completing her schooling she started following her parents dream and became an engineer but art always inspired her and she kept practicing art, as art was the only thing which gave her inner happiness, and she felt complete and connected with her soul. She found a constant conflict with her own soul and her parent’s dream. Later after graduation she started working as a professor in engineer college and due to lack of time she had to stop her passion for art as she could hardly find time for herself.  That developed lot of stress in her and due to some personal stress issue she started losing her self confidence.  In the end she strongly felt inside that art is the ultimate thing which could give her peace and connect her back with her soul. One fine day she decided to switch her field completely into art and follow her passion.  As its said Artists are born not taught, she always get inspired from nature, human emotions, different social subjects etc. Nature has  been a major part of her life as she like travelling to different places and observe the surrounding, understand the concepts; these things have a great impact in her paintings .

Art is very essential in today’s daily life, as people are becoming insensitive, selfish and careless for society. But because of art we develop the ability to observe and understand things which give a feel of positiveness and bonding. As an artist Tejashree felt it’s her duty to bring awareness among the youth to be more sensitive and responsible towards society and her surroundings to have a better world. With two years of teaching experience in  engineering field she wanted to teach art to the young generation to contribute positively and to have an impact on society. Her classes are not just about teaching drawing and paintings but to make a sensitive citizen of tomorrow.

                She also do work on commission basis for portraits, paintings and wall paint. She want to dedicate her life to art by getting inspiration from day to day life, nature,feelings etc and to inspire as many people as possible.